Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cure to the idle hands situation

So I started working with flex as my company has decided to move to flex and a few people have been bugging me for ages to start doing flex [yeah.... its not you... :)]

So the project started out to be an alarm clock but as it stands now, its nothing close to even looking to go into that direction. Testing various stuff, I thought I'll make something like the mac dash (button thingy) or at least a cheap look-alike.

I'm probably gonna drop this but it might be a good start point for someone wanting a fast button bar.

-Only mxml/as code (no fla)
-It uses Tweener to create movement/resize effects.
-Mouse Scroll and buttons on the sides move the buttonBox left and right.
-Mouse over a button will make it grow.

link for the zip archive

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