Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Windows Box (screenshots)

Two screenshots of my windows desktop (running on blackbox -> bblean)

Setting the desktop background from image menu
1> disable bgsetroot in the style file(add ! in the beginning)
2> in folder options go to file types -> jpeg -> advanced -> add c:\blackbox\bgsetroot -full '%1' as a new option along with open and edit
{change the path according to your configuration}

My Box continued.....

well apart from the few times that i thought about formatting my freebsd partition completely, Its been a fun ride setting up freebsd.

BSD never lets u forget that it is after all a unix and not one of our friendly neighborhood desktop oses(Windows, Top linux Dist's).

* You get a lot of graphical utilities but most of them would not do what they're supposed to(no matter how much u plead/pray)

* Networking although a strong point of freebsd, gave me a lot of problems (mainly with db/web/im servers)

* No driver for my beetel ADSL2+ modem(through USB).It does work with the Ethernet option which unfortunately is not free(used by another comp) most of the time.(and thats why I am in windos right now :( )

* Fast!! it is awesome when it comes to loading and shutdown speeds. Compared to my windows os (where while shutting down, the screensaver comes up!! ), ah ...... well it basically kicks a$$.

* Its got Ports!! ports in freebsd have their advantages and disadvantages

adv : you get everything u will possibly need in ports
easy install / manage (gui with bpm,kpackage or command)
auto download and compile of dependencies recursively

disadv : you dont have much configuration options in most ports
many ports install number of packages which are not needed (example : i wanted to install jdk, it took 6-7 hours of downloading and compiling ports only to tell me that their is an error in the install script. it installed countless packages in that time including jre-linux and mozilla. why????????)
version conflicts for libraries, binaries(windows users can never understand this, i do only because i have worked on every major linux there is)
really long chain of dependencies for ports.(example : anything related to graphics/gui)
if i want to upgrade a desktop env(like gnome or kde), i need 2-4 days and 24 hour net(my own approximation with possible exaggeration)

I am using currently blackbox(on both freebsd and windows) as my desktop after trying out all the different options in the ports.
i liked bb the most since it is fast(as if freebsd was fast enough) and it has a lot of plugins available. also i like the mouse-scroll actions it has (workspace change, window switch, window minimize to its titlebar)

this is not a review or nothing but ill still give my opinion

*for someone who loves to have a hackable/configurable environment or is looking for an os for local/internet servers, freebsd is one of the better oses.(another is gentoo)
Obvious Warning :: Not for the faint of heart :), atleast not yet anyway. Although it has improved a lot from 5.4 which was the first Version i had installed (currently 6.2)

*and if you need a replacement for windows but have "some" knowledge about the internals of linux, dont go for freebsd. go for something like OpenSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mandriva or other such big distributions.

*Further if u are a linux-nonothing use knoppix LiveCD for getting some handle on it or better yet try Xandr OS (the Damn thing is easier than windows)

Saturday, April 28, 2007


well i have been trying to install linux on my box but there is some unsupported ich4 bridge which is preventing any linux from even booting.
did run gentoo once but only after disabling lan, usb and audio :(
so only my option was freeBSD which supports the wierdest configurations without any modification.
though i still have one thing that doesnt work on freebsd.
* a usb modem (beetel 220BX ADSL2+)
* also the NVIDIA driver does not support freebsd 6.2 kernel for some reason
(havent gone into it yet, maybe there is some hack/patch for it)

if anyone has any clue about anyone of these please post a comment